Unified View of Healthcare Data: A Strategic Perspective
Recently, CYBX and partner Denodo joined forces at the Virtual Healthcare Innovation summit to discuss how to create a unified strategy across healthcare organizations to leverage healthcare data, while maximizing usability and desirability from all participants. You'll find information on clinician pain points, technical strategy, migration to cloud technologies, the impact on policy, and more.
Is RPM the answer for an aging population?
With the Baby Boomer generation getting older, the question on the top of minds is how do we prepare? This article explores remote patient monitoring and the cultural push for access to RPM technology. We also explore the opportunities and challenges it may present for healthcare interoperability in the future.
Precision Medicine
Precision medicine has emerged as a potential way to deliver customized and comprehensive care to patients.
Electronic Health Records
Electronic health records are used by 88% of healthcare organizations.
Healthcare data interoperability
About healthcare data interoperability.
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