Build the future of healthcare data 

CYBX empowers ownership & control of ALL your healthcare data.  

CYBX enables quick compliance with government interoperability requirements while delivering a single standardized solution for data management - a  Unified Healthcare Data Fabric 

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Go beyond compliance and
future-proof your data systems 

Reduce  time-to-market & cost to meet regulatory requirements. Leverage data virtualization for real time access to holistic information

CYBX is specifically designed to meet healthcare requirements with industry specific workflows, security, and interoperability. CYBX builds a foundation for turning healthcare providers into “digital enterprises,” enabling them to address current and future business needs, seamlessly add new systems, and integrate them with the overall IT and operational environment.

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Integrate your data while
keeping ownership
& control of your information

Retain control and ownership of your data and information, whether on premise or in the cloud.

CYBX is designed to meet interoperability requirements and provide users with seamless data interchange between new, old, and acquired company systems. This interoperability enables new value-driven care insights that were previously difficult or impossible to obtain.

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Elevate patient engagement while
retaining control of the data 

With data virtualization at the heart of CYBX, healthcare companies gain a single view of the truth, and a single point from which to manage security and governance protocols, while leaving all of the source data in its original location.

Even when the source data is moved, the data virtualization layer manages such complexities on behalf of the user and any consuming applications, providing real-time access to integrated data, regardless of its location.

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