The CYBX Platform: How it works

CYBX seamlessly integrates your data from your legacy AND modern business systems for broad interoperability. Focused on solving government interoperability requirements, providing  a single standardized solution for data management - a Unified Healthcare Data Fabric (UHDF).

The CYBX Platform, powered by Denodo, aggregates data from a variety of systems with different interfaces (JDBC, API, XML, JSON, HL7, etc) into a streaming data processing pipeline which evaluates data quality, normalizes data across multiple sources and builds individual data views based on access rights.   This data can then be consumed by a variety of systems, including analytics, other EHRs, (Q)HINs, regulatory reporting and business intelligence systems.

This is done on a quasi-realtime basis, alleviating data lag and avoiding wholesale transfer of data to outside systems.  Healthcare organizations gain a single view of the truth, and a single point from which to manage security and governance protocols, while leaving all of the source data in its original location. Even when the source data is moved, the data virtualization layer manages such complexities on behalf of the user and any consuming applications, providing real-time access to integrated data, regardless of its location.

Data views are made available through a variety of industry standard interfaces, including JDBC and FHIR/ONC APIs.   This interoperability enables new value-driven care insights that were previously difficult or impossible to obtain. CYBX is specifically designed to meet healthcare

The CYBX Platform architecture has been designed with scalability in mind and can scale to hundreds of thousands of connections.  To facilitate this, a hybrid architecture is used, with data collection RPAs located on-premise with an encrypted, HIPAA compliant, scalable cloud processing backend.  

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