CYBX + Denodo
Data Fabric for Patient-Centric Healthcare

Our partnership combines Denodo’s 20 years of continuous and expanding experience in enterprise data management with CYBX’s healthcare knowledge and expertise in Healthcare IT, healthcare data and interoperability solutions.

CYBX Healthcare Data Fabric

CYBX has built a healthcare data fabric solution supported by Denodo’s data virtualization platform. CYBX is designed to meet interoperability requirements and provide users with seamless data interchange between new, old, and acquired company systems. 

Data Fabric - An Overview

A data fabric is an architecture pattern that informs and automates the design, integration and deployment of data objects regardless of deployment platforms and architectural approaches.

Why Denodo

Cloud Ready

One of the strategic advantages of CYBX and Denodo working together is our cloud-readiness. Healthcare providers are looking at public and private clouds as one of their strategic options for future growth. Denodo offers Cloud modernization, Migration and Analytics “out of the box” with a multi-location architecture deployment on all major public clouds: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP.  


CYBX’s architecture leverages Denodo’s framework for the implementation of proper HIPAA compliant access. Patients, physicians and other participants are provided access based on their defined “role”. This functionality integrates seamlessly with standard enterprise user management systems, as well as industry standards, such as OAuth.

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